[jdom-interest] [Fwd: how does Electric XML compare against JDOM?]

Matthew MacKenzie matt at xmlglobal.com
Sun Mar 25 15:01:25 PST 2001

Would it not be reasonable to only evaluate the XPath expression if the
String didn't appear as an Element name?  At any rate, there is probably
an elegant way to allow XPath expressions in getChildren().  It would
probably be ugly to do getChildren(new XPath("foo[bar = \"...\"]"), but
its an option.

The other problem with having the XPath-capable signature the same as
the standard getChildren() is the subject of reporting problems with the
XPath.  It would be annoying (IMO) to have a try/catch everywhere I call

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> One thing that I like that Electric XML does is a getChildren("XPATH
> EXPR");
> I know that there is a way to do XPath in JDOM, using the stuff in
> contrib, I just find the integration with Element (or Node, 
> or Child, or
> whatever he is calling it) to be powerful and intuitive.

This would be a great feature and I remember it was discussed as the
project was launched.  I like this feature in IBM's XML Master project
Alphaworks.  It does come with a price though.  Every string has to be
parsed to determine if it's an xpath expression or just a name or
else it may be based on the signature.

Bob, pardon me if you have thouroughly covered this but in the future
is listed as a JDOM 1.1 feature) would getChildren(XPath) be likely?
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