[jdom-interest] Modifying JDOM tree

de Grijs, Rudolf Rudolf.de_Grijs at softwareag.com
Wed Mar 28 07:15:46 PST 2001

Is there a (simple) way to create the missing pieces automatically if I try
to add an element to an optional parent(s), e.g.

<!ELEMENT email(from, to, cc?, subject, body)>
<!ELEMENT cc (mailadress)>
<!ELEMENT mailaddress (name, host, ..)>

Assume i want to add the name  of mailaddress as follows


Since cc is optional this expression might fail. In that case I would like
JDOM to create element cc and name as a side effect. I do understand this
might get difficult, certainly if the cardinality of cc changes to cc*.

What do you think about this idea?

Rudolf de Grijs

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