[jdom-interest] RE: Request new method Element.addContent( List mixedContent ).

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Thu Mar 29 20:52:20 PST 2001

"Steven D. Keens" wrote:
> Yes, it is a good way but for speed it looks to be slow.
> Also, getMixedContent() copies all the mixed content
> into a PartialList then returns that.  Or am I missing something?

There's work being done on a FilterList that's going to be a wholesale
replacement for PartialList that'll make it a fast operation.

> It also allows me to add objects that aren't
> Elements, PI's, Strings, Comments, CDATA's, & Entity's.

Yep, FilterList will be smarter.

Jools, what's the status?


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