[jdom-interest] JDOM and Oracle V2 Parser ?

Augenstein augenstein at hpe.fzk.de
Fri Mar 30 00:13:44 PST 2001

Hi JDOM-Gurus !

I have reported the error to the ORACLE OTN discussion group. The ORACLE
XML evangelist Steven Muench posted the following statement:

I looked at the code of the JDOM OracleV2DOMAdapter and there is no code
that would raise this error in the adapter.
Perhaps the JDOM is incorrectly trying to create the XML Declaration by
trying to create a processing intruction with target "xml", which is
illegal in XML.

Perhaps Xerces allows this.

I would like to use the ORACLE XML development environment and JDOM.
Is there any possibility to do this ? 
I hope somebody can help me!

Many thanks 



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