[jdom-interest] setNamespace question

Jochen Strunk strunk at signal7.de
Fri Mar 30 02:42:22 PST 2001

There is one thing about the namespace discussion I don' t understand.

Compare the following two statements:

element = element.getCopy(element.getName(), 


The first example works by first making an exact copy of element in a 
different namespace and handing over the original element to the garbage 
collector. The result is a different element represented by a different 
java object. The second statement would also yield a different element but 
represented by the same java object.

I haven't been following the discussion from the beginning but I think you 
don't provide a setNamespace method mainly because you are saying namespace 
is intrinsic to an element and does not change. That is why we have to use 
getCopy for that purpose. Am I right with this assumption ?

If that is correct, I don't understand why a different element can not be 
represented by the same java object. Why is a different element required to 
live on a different java object ?


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