[jdom-interest] First pass at Namespace revision[eg]

Jochen Strunk strunk at signal7.de
Sat Mar 31 03:07:31 PST 2001

At 17:33 30.03.2001 -0500, Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:
>At 10:45 PM +0200 3/30/01, Jochen Strunk wrote:
>>A request is processed sequentially by MenuModule, NewsModule and 
>>First MenuModule processes the request and puts its response (e.g. the 
>>state of the current environment with menus etc.) into the invocation 
>>dictionary as a JDOM-Element and specifies an XSLT stylesheet that 
>>contains templates to render all XML content in HTML.
>>After that NewsModule processes the request and put its response (e.g. a 
>>news article displayed to the user) into the invocation dictionary and 
>>specifies a stylesheet etc.
>>Same for PersonalizationModule.
>>When the request has been processed by all modules one XML document is 
>>assembled having the response subtrees as first level children of the 
>>document element. In addition to that all XSLT template definitions are 
>>assembled into an enclosing stylesheet that at the end of the request 
>>there is one XML document and one XSLT stylesheet that is processed. To 
>>avoid naming conflicts without compromising modularity, all XML subtrees 
>>corresponding to a module response get their own namespace. All 
>>"apply-template" rules use a namespace to match the XML elements in the 
>>response tree.
>Why don't the various modules put the right namespaces in from the start? 
>Why do you wait till after the document has been constructed to assign the 
>namespace URI?

Doing it that way requires more work on the infrastructure because we need 
to make sure not to compromise modularity. It's a viable alternative 
though. It didn't seem very natural to me not having setNamespace and 
support for default namespaces but understanding from your last postings 
this would break jdoms design philosophy I can live with it.


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