[jdom-interest] Common interfaces..

wes at tralfamadore.com wes at tralfamadore.com
Wed May 2 11:48:13 PDT 2001

Not that anyone cares, but for the record, I remain
completely against common interfaces/base classes for

I am quite willing to change my mind if someone can
answer Jason's question: "What common methods and
properties would these classes support?"

For instance, I can't come up with a common interface
for, say, CDATA and Attribute, other than that they
both have an Element as a parent.

Most of the use cases being tossed around here are for
applications external to the data model (which is
JDOM's core and IMHO only business).  

To address these, implementing a generic Visitor
pattern might be useful, but it's unfortunately not a
standardized Java pattern.  That is, it would be nice
if there were java.util.Visitable/java.util.Visitor
interfaces -- it doesn't seem like those belong in



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