[jdom-interest] API Inertia

Rosen, Alex arosen at silverstream.com
Wed May 2 23:41:48 PDT 2001

> FYI yesterday I realized that I do need to make my own nodes. I'm
> thinking about implementing XPointer which adds two new node types:
> point and range. These are obviously new classes (Point and Range).
> They are also new kinds of nodes in the XPointer data model in
> addition to the standard XPath nodes Element, Document, Text,
> Comment, etc.
> So let's not be so sure that we really don't want client programmers
> to create their own Node subclasses/implementations.

That seems weird to me. Why are these "Nodes" (i.e. XML objects)? Can they be
added to an XML document? What should XMLOutputter do when it sees them?


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