[jdom-interest] Getting Started

ecky ecky at 9online.fr
Fri May 4 06:30:32 PDT 2001

Hi there,

I'm a very newbie to all of this stuff XML & Java. Nevertheless my
task is to implement a website with dynamic content. The thing is that
it is not about integrating some DB-retrieved snippets to a webpage
so that a simple JSP or Servelet would do, but computing on the fly
the entire page depending on a users profile and something called
ontology. Therefore I'm looking for a tool to easily create and modify
XML documents on the fly and what I've been reeding on your website
sounds very promising and so I'd like to evaluate it ...

Unfortunately I got stuck at the first possible action, the sources I
downloaded from your site (1.0beta6) don't compile it seems to be
a library clash between java.util.* and com.sun.java.util.... Due
to my limited experience with Java I don't really know how to get
out of there. I'm using jdk1.3 and the source, it seems to me, is rather
written for jdk1.2.x may this be the cause?

Any help would be appreciated


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