[jdom-interest] dbXML server

Grant Mc Auley gmcauley at som.llu.edu
Fri May 4 11:03:46 PDT 2001

> Date: Wed, 02 May 2001 20:25:23 +1000
> From: James Sinnamon <sinnamon at usq.edu.au>
> To: jdom-interest at jdom.org
> Subject: [jdom-interest] dbXML server
> Has anyone taken an interest in the new dbXML server at
>   http://www.dbxml.org  ?

Yes, it looks very promising.  I like the fact that its open
source, a native XML database, has XPath querying, and that it
seeks to support vender-neutral specifications (see, the XML:DB
Initiative: http://www.xmldb.org/).

> I can see it working quite nicely with JDOM applications.

There is talk about JDOM integration...the JDOM "interfaces"
question is apparently an issue however.

> BTW, from a previous email, I posted, I was told that
> there is no
> JDOM equivalent  to  what is described as "Auto Linking'  at
> http://www.dbxml.org/docs/UsersGuide.html#N14f  ?
> Is this still case?

*Auto linking* is one feature of the dbXML server that I am very
interested in.  I imagine using it with XSLT to piece together new
documents from any document fragments in the database.

BTW, they are in need of more help with development...

> Thank you .
> regards,
> James
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> James Sinnamon  sinnamon at usq.edu.au
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