[jdom-interest] Fastest way to XSLT?

skeens skeens at mobile.rogers.com
Mon May 7 14:50:25 PDT 2001

Given an JDOM document what's the fastest way to apply an XSLT transformation, what's the fastest way to apply an XSLT transformation?  I want the result placed in a JDOM document so I can do some more processing within my java code.

Here's a quick description of what I do:
1) Read and precompile style sheet.
2) Convert JDOM document to a DOM document DOMOutputter and pass that in via the XSLTInputSource.
3) Transform DOM document placing the result (XSLTResultTarget) in a StringWriter.
4) Dump the contents of the StringWriter into a StringReader and pass that to JDOM to parse it back into a JDOM document.

Is there a faster way?

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