[jdom-interest] Performance tests

Dennis Sosnoski dms at sosnoski.com
Tue May 8 09:24:23 PDT 2001

I used Xerces in the tests, but tried Crimson as well and didn't see much difference.
The simple SAX parse time is less than 1/3 of the JDOM document build time, and all
the tests except Electric XML use the same parser, so changing the parser is not
going to dramatically change the results.

I'm still working on getting the information posted online. Today looks swamped, but
I'll make sure I get it out tomorrow with full source, test documents, and results

  - Dennis

"Rosen, Alex" wrote:

> [Hmmm... I never received these posts:
> http://lists.denveronline.net/lists/jdom-interest/2001-May/006244.html
> http://lists.denveronline.net/lists/jdom-interest/2001-May/006245.html
> Anyone else having problems with missing messages, or is it just me?]
> Dennis, which parser did you use for the JDOM tests?
> Alex
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