[jdom-interest] Reading and Manipulating DTDs

Radhakrishnan Srikanth srikanth at infostrands.com
Tue May 8 15:29:12 PDT 2001


I am trying to build a XML -> Java object generator (I realize that there
are several packages which does this ;), however I still want to write my own,
with jdom it seems pretty straight forward while using an XML Schema). I want
to be able to read a DTD and generate all the associated classes from it. From
what I understand while jdom does not support the ability to read DTDs and
generate the kind of information it does when it reads an XML Schema (e.g.
Element names, attributes etc).

First am I right in my assumption, if I am right are there any packages that
can allow me to read a DTD and extract tag names of elements and their
children, etc.

Second if I am wrong how would I read a DTD and access tag names.



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