[jdom-interest] UTF-8 coding IOException

Michael Tarovik tmn at baltics.ru
Fri May 11 04:05:57 PDT 2001

Use xerces with 
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><tds>
where element after <row> realy is (in hex) D094 D0B0 D182 D0B0 5F D183
D0B1 D18B D182 D0B8 D18F
I've got the next:
'Element type "-" must be folloved by either attribute specification?
">" or ">" '
  at org.jdom.adapter.XercesDOMAdapter.getDocument
So I think it can't corectly read input text.
By the way this xml was read correctly by IE5.5 and NN 6.

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