[jdom-interest] FAQ: Why interfaces are not used

Richard Baldwin baldwin at austin.cc.tx.us
Fri May 11 07:03:13 PDT 2001

While I'm not familiar with the arguments relative to
JDOM, I am very familiar with Java, and believe that
the proper use of interfaces, and the polymorphic
behavior achieveable using interfaces, is one of the
most powerful features of Java.  In fact, I tell my
students at least once each week that if they don't
really understand Java interfaces, the don't really
understand Java.

Just yesterday, I published the first in a series of
tutorial lessons on the Java Collections Framework,
which provides excellent practical examples of the use
of interfaces in Java.  I will be publishing one such
tutorial each week for the next several weeks.  If you
are interested in learning more about the value of
interfaces in Java, you might want to take a look at
this tutorial.  Also, since JDOM uses the collections
framework rather extensively, this is a good thing to
know if you plan to use JDOM.

You will find the first lesson on the collections
framework at the following URL:


If you will check the following URL about once each
week, it will contain links to each new tutorial as it
is published.


Dick Baldwin

Sven Behrens wrote:
> Hello,
> I am sorry, but as a newbe I have to ask this:
> Are there any pointers to the discussions and the arguments concerning
> the usage or no usage of interfaces in JDOM. I didn´t find answers in
> the FAQ.
> Thanks,
>   Sven Behrens.
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