[jdom-interest] DTD support?

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Tue May 15 15:42:34 PDT 2001

Stefan ALBOI wrote:
> The string representation doesn't suit me. Developers said they have
> to: [quote]Investigate a way to do in-memory validation.  First step is
> probably to get an in-memory representation of a DTD [...][/quote] like in
> the link I mentioned earlier.

The decided upon plan is to have the DocType store a String representing
the internal DTD subset.  Anyone who wants to manipulate the String is
free to do so.  Any tool that wants to validate the doc can gather the
information from the String and do with it as it likes.

I'd very much like to see an in-memory validation tool.  If it's
important to you, I'd encourage you to work on it.  Note the DocType
representation of the internal DTD subset shouldn't affect the tool very
much.  A validation tool would perhaps use the DTD Parser to create its
own representation of the internal DTD subset, the same way it'd read
and represent the external DTD subset.


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