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> This seems inappropriate to use as a product promotion.
> I would hope that the intent behind the JSR is that of defining a
> structure for
> working with XML documents in Java, and that once the expert
> group is formed they'll
> take a more active role than simply annointing JDOM as that
> structure - in other
> words, they'll look at the technologies available and select the
> best features for
> the standard.

It's a JSR for _JDOM_. That means that JDOM already has been "anointed" (as
you put it) as a good structure for XML in Java. It's being used by most of
the development groups at Sun, already, and so this is an effort to
formalize and standardize JDOM. Our purpose is not to define an API; we have
one that the experts and Sun are happy with. It's to provide a specification
and packaging of that API as a Sun-approved and supported standard.

So maybe you misunderstood what JSRs are ;-)


> Do any of the JSR initial expert group members care to comment?
>   - Dennis
> Jason Hunter wrote:
> > Not mentioned in the comparison:
> >
> > * JDOM is a JSR with the official support of the JCP
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