[jdom-interest] JDOM JSR

Dennis Sosnoski dms at sosnoski.com
Wed May 16 11:48:15 PDT 2001

My impression from working with both JDOM and dom4j is that dom4j is at least as
far along as JDOM, despite the shorter amount of time it's been in existance. It
also has some real structural advantages, such as being designed to allow a
standard DOM interface in parallel with the Java-specific implementation, and the
work that's been done to allow handling of streamed data or documents too big to
fit into memory - this is a requirement I've seen come up several times on this
mailing list.

As far as the political issue goes, in my experience it's always a mistake to get
personalities involved in technology. This leads to such atrocities as BASIC being
used as a web programming language. <g>

  - Dennis

Alex Rosen wrote:

> > This seems inappropriate to use as a product promotion.
> >
> > I would hope that the intent behind the JSR is that of
> > defining a structure for
> > working with XML documents in Java, and that once the expert
> > group is formed they'll
> > take a more active role than simply annointing JDOM as that
> > structure - in other
> > words, they'll look at the technologies available and select
> > the best features for
> > the standard.
> >
> > Do any of the JSR initial expert group members care to comment?
> Two problems with this idea, one political, one practical:
> - The title of JSR-102 is "JDOM 1.0", and its spec lead is Jason.
> - JDOM has a 9 month headstart on DOM4J (comparing the dates of the initial
> public releases). A JSR based on DOM4J would have to be released substantially
> later than one based on JDOM.
> Alex

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