[jdom-interest] RE: dom4j similar to JDOM ?

philip.nelson at omniresources.com philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Wed May 16 13:29:24 PDT 2001

> Sure in JDOM you can always write another builder. In dom4j 
> the approach is
> taken that we try to avoid a user ever having to write their 
> own builders -
> a builder is usually a complex piece of code to get right and 
> its alot of
> work to maintain and to make it perform.

Yes!  I don't think anybody thinks that the final version of JDOM should
require a developer to write thier own builder to use subclasses of JDOM

On this note, I wanted to say that I took a much closer look at Ken Rune
Helland's factory implementation for SAXBuilder.  After having tried to
subclass SAXHandler and seeing how unfriendly it is to that task, the
factory looks really good (I have not updated it to the current version of
JDOM though).  In more complex scenarios where the *way* you build is
important, you can still write your own builder.  But, to simply use your
own subclassed or decorated elements, the factory should work well.  

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