[jdom-interest] Where is the JtreeOutputter

adam flinton aflinton at armature.com
Thu May 17 04:35:39 PDT 2001

Dear All,

We have some guys who're looking @ using JDOM. I used to use the
JTreeOutputter from the contrib section of the code.

I have long since binned my old copies of the source & haven't had to use
contrib for a while however I thought that using it as a way to Go XML >
JDOM > GUI then make changes (e.g. add nodes or attach a JPanel on the
selected event so as to add / change info) & then > JDOM > XML would be a
good way for them to learn JDOM.

However it seems to have gone. Any reason for this? 

Can someone send me both the Java file & the Demo Java file?


Adam Flinton
Armature Ltd.
Mobile: 0780 3180830
EMail: aflinton at armature.com 

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