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JDOM license evaluationTh only point that I feel warrants some discussion is point 2. 1 and 3 are covered by the source of JDOM being freely available.  If enough people need corporate support, maybe Jason & Brett could start a company to provide JDOM support....



It is unlikely that a patent claim would be brought against JDOM, and if there was a patent claim, anyone using DOM would likely be burned as well...

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  I passed the JDOM license onto our corporate legal dept., and got this risk evaluation: 

  1. No warranty:  JDOM software is provided "as-is".  If it doesn't work, you have no recourse. 
  2. No indemnity:  You have no protection against intellectual property claims against the JDOM software.  If a patent claim is brought against JDOM code, <the company> is subject to unlimited liability for infringement.  <the company> may have limited liability clauses with our customers that might limit our exposure for what we sell, but <the company> faces unlimited liability for what <the company> makes.  (Commercial code provides <the company> with indemnities that allow <the company> to escape such liability to certain extents.)

  3. No Support:  Support for JDOM software may become a big problem once a <the company> product is introduced to market and its design team is reassigned to other projects. 



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