[jdom-interest] JDOM license evaluation

Jon Baer jonbaer at digitalanywhere.com
Thu May 17 16:36:24 PDT 2001

Bryan Thale wrote:

> Here's a risk of using commercial software to consider:
> You may be forced by the vendor to "upgrade" to an inferior or buggy or
> bloated version of the software simply because they will no longer
> support the version you are using.  With open source software, you need
> never upgrade if you don't need or want to.  That is a particular
> advantage for embedded products.

I have a question, are you allowed to technically "repackage" JDOM into 
another open source (or eventually hopefully commercial) entity into 
your own package? 

I have this problem with open source in that its cool to learn alot from 
it and embedd it into your stuff and watch it work, but I have always 
been afraid of what legal obligations there are in that you are a 
developer and understand the building blocks you are putting in and 
would be open to supporting it yourself because you know what is happend 
and can edit to fit your needs (its biggest advantage) but A) want to 
fully respect the people who created the original in the first place B) 
feel that you contributions eventually turn it into another product or 
type of that product or fork of that product that you dont feel 
obligated anymore. 

Are there any open resources on the web that specifically cover these 
subjects?  I want someone to look over my www.alicebot.net project.

- Jon

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