[jdom-interest] Java Generics and JDOM

Tobias Rademacher toby-wan-kenobi at gmx.de
Sun May 20 05:44:55 PDT 2001

Hi Folks,

currently Java Generics are in JSR Public Review. Everybody can review the
specification currently and submit comments. As JDOM is based on Collection
API, I have a question: Will future implemenation use Java Generic Collections
INSIDE or just the old Collection API? The Generics Specifiation is desined
to cooperate with none Generic Collections. It's also desined to work with all
available JVM's. The only thing that changes is javac and javac from 1.3
jdk's should already support Generics (collection api and reflection will be
modified also).
What do you think about Generics in jdom? Necessary for jdom or not? Please
consider this as a disscussion point and not a request of implemeantion. 


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