[jdom-interest] a simple question?

felix romero01 at supercable.es
Mon May 21 10:56:20 PDT 2001

I have an XML, for example:

    <bookItem id="1">
        Moby Dick
    <bookItem id="2">
        Don Quijote
    <bookItem id="3">

And a path, for example, /booksList/bookItem[@id=2]

I know that using XPath I can retrieve this value (Don Quijote), but how can
I modify the xml using this path to put other value by "Don Quijote"?

can I do that using JDOM? I mean, a method
SOME_METHOD(xml,path,newvalue) and generates me the xml adding the newvalue
to the path specified.

Any help would be appreciate
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