[jdom-interest] JDOM license agreement question;

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Mon May 21 10:57:55 PDT 2001

> "JDOM is available under an Apache-style open source license, with the
> acknowledgment clause removed. This license is among the least
> restrictive license available, enabling developers to use JDOM in
> creating new products without requiring them to release their own
> products as open source. This is the license model used by the Apache
> Project, which created the Apache server."
>  What does this exactly mean?  

If you read the LICENSE.txt file in the root directory or read the
header on every source file you'll see the license terms.  They're very

> Writing a software that uses the JDOM API, and it will probably be
> released as a commercial product. (so it won't be open source) So am I
> pretty much screwed and should find another solution ?

That's entirely allowed.  Read the license.  It's simple.


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