[jdom-interest] DTD parsing/validation question

Frank Sauer Frank.Sauer at trcinc.com
Mon May 21 12:58:17 PDT 2001

Has anybody written code based on JDOM and the DTD parser
from Mark Wutka to determine what are :

1) valid predecessors of a given JDOM node (to insert before the given node)
2) valid successors of a given JDOM node (to insert after the given node)
3) valid children of a given JDOM node (to add as a child to the given node)

The idea is to populate a popupmenu on a tree node with
only those tags that are valid given the DTD and the current
state of the document.

Any ideas or better yet, code, would be very much appreciated.


Frank Sauer
The Technical Resource Connection
Tampa, FL
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