[jdom-interest] performance with creating a document

elephantwalker elephantwalker at home.com
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its a noticable delay. For example, if I have two chemicals and 11 trays,
its about a half second on dual 733/piii's on enterprise kernel/linux
7.1/ibm jdk. And the half second is only building the document (I don't do
anything with it...just build it).

Its got me thinking that it would be better to build the xml in a jsp and
filter the jsp with a 2.3 servlet/xslt than using the bean --> jdom -->
xslt ---> view. But jsp is just a one-off deal versus a live jdom document.
I would much prefer to figure out some way to speedup it up....


the elephantwalker

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> > Its the element creation, and addContent's that take so long.
> What kind of times are you seeing?

This is very strange but I also need some perspective on the numbers.
Still, if JSP is faster...  Wait a minute, of course JSP would be faster if
what you mean is you get the data directly from your cmp/entity bean and
output via jsp.  You have skipped a lot of processing.  It should still be
acceptable performance though.

-Is it possible that you have the jdom .java files in a dynamic classpath
where they are getting compiled each time?  ( I am having a problem with Ant
complaining about files being modified in the future that I still haven't

-Could there be large amounts of errors getting logged somewhere?

-can you turn on more detailed logging to find out more about what is really

-Is your session distributed so that changes to the bean are causing

-how exactly do you know which step is slow?

-what EJB engine do you use?  Some of them have problems with classloaders
when the ejb jar is separate from the other classes (or this used to be a
problem anyway)

Your document isn't that deeply nested or strange although you have left out
some of it.  Building is really pretty fast when done in memory and building
from another document does exactly the same thing.

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