[jdom-interest] XSL transform is converting my quotes to '

Jeff Pennal jeffp at openroad.ca
Wed May 23 18:23:11 PDT 2001

Hi all,

I've downloaded the latest night build of JDom (05-23-2001) and have
been playing around with it's XSL transformation capability.

It looks great so far, just like the rest of JDom but I've run across
one annoying problem.

I have an entity in my template that looks like this

<td onClick="javascript:displayMessage({id},'{/headers/info/mailbox}')">

this is transformed against my XML document to produce the following

<td onClick="javascript:displayMessage(1,&apos;INBOX&apos;)">

Why is the transformation converting my quotes to the HTML equivilents?

Is there any way to stop this? Or do I have I coded this wrong.

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Pennal                         p:(604)681-0516
Software Developer                  f:(604)681-0618
Openroad Communications             e:jeffp at openroad.ca
Vancouver, BC

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