[jdom-interest] Support for MinML ??

Andy Clark andyc at apache.org
Wed May 23 22:17:17 PDT 2001

Abhi Deshmukh wrote:
> The MinML parser now has SAX2 support. I use both XML-RPC and JDOM.
> When I replaced the Xerces parser, with MinML, there was a *big*
> increase in speed. I think, having support for MinML in JDOM may
> increase the performance as well.

It's easy to go fast when you throw the XML specification out the 
window. How fast can a non-compliant parser be? Pretty fast. But 
you need to seriously consider the implications of using such a 
parser. If you are in control of the document generation *and* 
can verify that it fits within what is supported by the non-
compliant parser you are using, then this approach is perfectly 

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