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Matthew Mackenzie matt at xmlglobal.com
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Forgive me if this is terribly naive, but does any one know why
java.lang.String* are final?  
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	I think it would be neat to extend the StringBuffer class, just
	package org.jdom; 
	public class Text extends StringBuffer { 
	  public String getValue() { 
	    return super.toString(); 
	This way we get append() plus all of the other string
manipulation calls 
	with little or no more overhead than simply encapsulating a

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	        Here's where we're at: 
	        public class Text { 
	            private StringBuffer value; 
	            protected Text() { } 
	            public Text(String stringValue) { 
	                value = new StringBuffer(stringValue); 
	            public String getValue() { 
	                return value.toString(); 
	            public void setValue(String stringValue) { 
	                value = new StringBuffer(stringValue); 
	            public void append(String stringValue) { 
	            public String toString() { 
	                return getValue(); 
	            public int hashCode() { 
	                return value.toString().hashCode(); 
	            // Leaving out impl for now on below here 
	            public boolean equals(Object ob); 
	        OK. Now we can discuss. What you think? 
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