[jdom-interest] Text class (Question)

ecky ecky at free.fr
Mon May 28 06:47:25 PDT 2001

>> If the reason for implementing this class is to abstract from
>> the type of
>> string (i.e. character based or unicode) that you are using,
>> do you manage
>> it with this class? It seems to me that it's api still
>> depends on String and
> It is happening primarily to allow developers to be able to make the
> content appear as a node in a tree with for example a parent to aid in
> traversal type operations.
> The discussion about Unicode was something Elliotte Rusty Harold brought
> some time ago and could affect the design.  The String/StringBuffer
> implementation is especially important now that Sun has laid out a plan to
> support multibyte unicode characters whereas before the assumption here
> that to support that, we would have to roll our own unicode
So why not just sbuclassing StringBuffer as it was suggested in the mail
I replied to - and implement the additional methods needed for the
node interface?


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