[jdom-interest] Namespace.hashcode patch

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Thu May 31 09:04:06 PDT 2001

At 9:36 AM -0500 5/31/01, philip.nelson at omniresources.com wrote:

That doesn't convince me. Suppose I use a different prefix later in 
the document  but tie it to the same URI. Does it still work? If so 
it's the URI that matters, not the prefix. For example,

<definitions name="A_Service"
   xmlns:tns="http://tempuri.org/AService" ******************

>Setup a port based on the  message and type

<portType name="A_Service" xmlns:newPrefix="http://tempuri.org/AService">
   <operation name="echo">
     <input message="newPrefix:InechoRequest"/> **************


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