[jdom-interest] getChild problem?

Nick Fankhauser nickf at ontko.com
Tue Oct 2 08:30:25 PDT 2001


I'm a JDOM neophyte, so this is probably out of my depth, but here are a
couple of thoughts before I back out & let the experts get a word in:

getChild has worked flawlessly for me in a huge application, but the one
thing your XML has that mine doesn't is a namespace prefix (Seq:) on the
elements. The JavaDoc for getChild indicates that the namespace is specified
as a separate argument rather than a part or the element name. Since I've
not tried using a namespace in this way, I don't know whether this could be
the problem, but I'd definitely play with the namespace issue (like perhaps
leaving it out of the name or specifying it separately.)


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