Fwd: [jdom-interest] elt.getContent().iterator().remove() - a bug?

Noam Tamim noamt at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 4 12:53:13 PDT 2001

--- Jason Hunter <jhunter at collab.net> wrote:
> The iterator used by PartialList has some bugs, and most likely you're
> hitting one of them.  PartialList uses an approach to making the list
> "live" which is fraught with problems.  That's why FilterList is being
> written; it's just not live yet.  

I am aware of the fact that PartialList has many known bugs, 
I just wasn't sure if this was one of them (I also wanted to 
make sure that it's not my bug).
Anyway, my next question to you: what keeps FilterList from 
being "live"? I mean, what features does it miss? Can I help?

> Your code will work if you do e.removeContent((Comment)o).  

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