[jdom-interest] Using NanoXML and JDOM

Dennis Sosnoski dms at sosnoski.com
Fri Oct 5 22:37:48 PDT 2001

Oh, I see - it's not the getContent() calls (since most of the elements already have
content in the documents I use), it's the getAttributes() calls. Both calls create a
list for the requested items (and store it in the element) if there's not already a list
of that type present.

  - Dennis

Dennis Sosnoski wrote:

> One other interesting point in the JDOM results is that the "Walked sz" figure is
> non-zero (more than 20% of the document size in some cases, in fact). I didn't bring
> this up in my article (didn't get around to investigating it so I knew what was
> going on), but it looks like JDOM has significant memory overhead involved in
> walking the tree. Is something going on to change the memory structure of the
> document when I cycle through the children of an element?
>   - Dennis

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