[jdom-interest] Persisting a JDOM for later use

Tapan Nanawati tapan_nanawati at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 7 05:49:45 PDT 2001

Hi all
I make a soap call and get a return literal XML. I
convert it to a JDOM Tree. I make some manipulations
and extract data from that tree.

Now since the data is a large amount of data, I dont
want to waste my soap call and want to store the
resultant JDOM tree for future use.

# First: How can I persist my JDom tree
# Second: How big a JDOM tree I can I have in memory
without performance problems. (Any idea would do : for
eg. size in kb of the data  that can be put to JDOM
tree without performance issues)

Tapan Nanawati

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