[jdom-interest] Ann: Load 2.0 final

Frank Cohen fcohen at pushtotest.com
Mon Oct 8 13:00:49 PDT 2001

I've been working on Load, a free open-source test utility that can check
Web applications and SOAP-based Web Services for performance and
scalability. Load 2.0 is now final.

Load 2.0 offers an XML-based scripting language and library of test object
to let one build intelligent test agents. The agents can then be run
concurrently to test Web apps in near-real production environments.

Load uses JDOM to parse and build XML documents. The JDOM experience has
been great, and I'm looking forward to when JDOM moves out of Beta and into
Java itself.

For more info and to download the free software check:


Frank Cohen, founder, PushToTest, www.pushtotest.com, phone: 408 374 7426
Come to PushToTest for Load, a free open-source tool for performance and
scalability testing and data migration. 

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