[jdom-interest] Huge slowdown when reading > 15 xml files

Mark Bennett mbennett at ideaeng.com
Wed Oct 17 11:06:57 PDT 2001

I have a program that reads in xml files from a directory and builds them
into jdom documents.

As it does .build(filename), the system gets slower and slower.  After about
18 xml files it basically stops working and hangs.

One of the elements in the XML files is the encoded content of a small web
page.  (lots of escaped > lt, etc, so it's not seen as structured text)
The total size of the files is < 4k, even with the XML wrapping.

With that field in the file it's very slow.  If I remove just the field with
the web content, the xml files rip right through the system with no problem.

But the web text isn't that large, and it's not structured  (all HTML
entities are escaped) so I don't understand why that would matter.  And slow
is one thing, but it eventually grinds to a complete halt.

Kind'a stuck, any ideas?


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