[jdom-interest] JDOM for production

Alex Rosen arosen at silverstream.com
Fri Oct 19 08:08:38 PDT 2001

We use plenty of JDOM in our newly-shipping IDE, and it works great. There's
only one current bug that we've had to deal with, and the workaround is
simple (see
nterest). Early on (6-12 months ago) we ran into a couple of bugs, which we
fixed and submitted patches for. Now they're not bugs anymore. You can feel
more confident using beta open-source software, because you can always fix
bugs yourself, instead of having to beg for a new release from the vendor.

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> I am considering of using JDOM for a production product. JDOM
> is still beta,
> and it may be hard to sell that to my boss. Is it ready for
> production? What
> arguments could I use to back it up.
> Thanks.
> Dmitry

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