[jdom-interest] ASCII Non Printable Characters

Gordon, Simon Simon.Gordon at galileo.com
Fri Oct 19 10:19:15 PDT 2001

> Will using XML SCHEMA solve this problem ?

> Does Xerces support XML Schema ?
Yes but not in the way you want it to (see answer above).

> Is there any seamless way to do handle these non-printable characters ?
No. the usual way is to encode non-valid sequences in BASE64. If you have an
XML tag that may contain ESC etc. then I would add an attribute to it to
signal the receiver that it has been encoded E.g.

<MyStuff encoding="Text">12456</MyStuff>


<MyStuff encoding'BASE64">zAbDc=</MyStuff>

can both be handled by the receiver.

> If you have made it this far ......... thanks for reading.
That's OK.

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