[jdom-interest] Huge slowdown when reading > 15 xml files

Mark Bennett mbennett at ideaeng.com
Wed Oct 17 14:47:32 PDT 2001

Including a sample.  A bit big because of the sample files.  Readme.txt

The slowdown is not progressive in terms of program run; it's progressive in
terms of size.  A 130k file takes a VERY long time to parse; smaller sizes
are even pokey.

Using CDATA did help a bit but introduces some other issues for my code.
Thanks Philip.

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If you could send a sample that reproduces the problem, that would be great.
Do you input and output the document?  Are you expanding entities?

> I have a program that reads in xml files from a directory and
> builds them
> into jdom documents.
> As it does .build(filename), the system gets slower and
> slower.  After about
> 18 xml files it basically stops working and hangs.
> One of the elements in the XML files is the encoded content
> of a small web
> page.  (lots of escaped > lt, etc, so it's not seen as
> structured text)
> The total size of the files is < 4k, even with the XML wrapping.
> With that field in the file it's very slow.  If I remove just
> the field with
> the web content, the xml files rip right through the system
> with no problem.
> But the web text isn't that large, and it's not structured  (all HTML
> entities are escaped) so I don't understand why that would
> matter.  And slow
> is one thing, but it eventually grinds to a complete halt.
> Kind'a stuck, any ideas?
> Mark
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