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MarkW markw at wilsoncom.de
Tue Oct 23 11:06:07 PDT 2001


>> <property>
>>     <test><hello>Hello</hello></test>
>> </property>
>> when I do the getText () , I should get back
"<test><hello>Hello</hello></test>" ...

You can use getText() to get "Hello" only.
would return "Hello" where propElement is the Element represented by

Hope it helps.
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  I have a small problem getting the element value ::;

  example ::

             value #CDATA

  When I do the getText() , I get the value back but when I try to put the
XML doc as a CDATA , I can't read it ... Any better way to do that ..


  when I do the getText () , I should get back
"<test><hello>Hello</hello></test>" ...

  Any suggestion .
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