[jdom-interest] interface q (but not the usual one)

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* I also
> have a requirement to treat some proprietary structures as
> XML (it's a simple
> mapping); I guess I would be unable to make JDOM the common
> API because the
> interface and implementation are not separated(?) Is there another
> possibility, other than using DOM or a home grown interface?

Not sure what you mean here.

* This is an interesting point.  We routinely use in-memory jdom structures
for our internal data.  Most of the "ends" of the data start life as XML,
and end up in XML somewhere, but even in the middle, we just go ahead and
use JDOM.  One of our developers was a big skeptic at first, but even he's
come around.  We like the free-form nature of the data structures you can
store.  So we basically just use Hashtable, Vector and JDOM.

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