[jdom-interest] Re: Question about Xlink with JDOM

bob mcwhirter bob at werken.com
Thu Oct 25 20:38:21 PDT 2001

On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, ploy Nanticha wrote:

> 1. I want to use xlink to link information from another xml file ,
>    Can I do it with Werken.xpath package?

Couple of points:

1) werken.xpath is basically deprecated at this point, in favor
   of Jaxen (http://jaxen.org/).  Much better XPath compliance.

2) xlink, as I understand it, is pretty much just a syntax for
   identifying links between resources.  Dunno how an xpath 
   engine would assist you there.

I have been toying with the idea of building an XInclude engine
on top of Jaxen, but we don't have XPointer support built in
yet, so it'll be a while.  Plus, XInclude has different semantics
than XLink.

Though, as in all cases, instead of just asking about a particular
technology, if you instead give us an example of what it is you're
trying to accomplish (the goal you're trying to reach), we may be
able to help you out a tad more.  Goal-directed design tends to
work better than task-directed methods.


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