[jdom-interest] Probably a Hugely Newbie Question

medwards medwards at ualberta.ca
Sat Oct 27 19:37:23 PDT 2001

Ok here we go:
Heres where my problem cropped up.. after having the compiler whine to me 
about not having SAXBuilder declared anywhere, (and finding I had to add yet 
more to my CLASSPATH) I finally compiled my harness and executed it.
And then I got a runtime which to this hour has me confumbled. Its a simple 
NoClassFoundDefError(in my main thread of course), except it claims its my 
test harness class which isn't defined.

I've been basically creating a system of classes to interface more easily with 
the DOM tree of an XML file. Forgetting for the moment if my strategy is the 
best or not :), at this point I'm simply creating test harnesses to see if all 
works as expected.

Now after finally figuring out that I have to mess around with my CLASSPATH I 
got the first test harness to compile and create a xml file with all the stuff 
I wanted in it (yay celebration!). Once I was done with that I wanted it to 
read an xml file, put it into the interface classes, then output it again into 
a new xml file (a complicated copy and paste just to make sure nothing messes 

This being so I'm wondering whether you can help me out if its a JDOM/Java XML 
stuff problem(which I suspect since it worked fine before), or some simple 
java newbie problem (which isn't so fine cause I'd hate to look stoopid :).

Thanks alot all
Michael Edwards

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