[jdom-interest] How to get the XML Decl with JDOM?

Fred Clewis fclewis at carolina.rr.com
Sun Oct 28 11:10:48 PST 2001

I'm trying to fix an application to output in the same encoding it
input.  I see from other posts that I should setEncoding on my
XMLOutputter and associated writer.  What I'm trying to figure out is
how to get the encoding value out of my input xml.  getContent() does
not give you the first PI (xml decl).  What is the JDOM method to give
me either the encoding value or the entire xml decl PI?

Also, this forum advised me earlier that:
    "Xerces has a toggle to tell it to handle all Java-supported
Does anyone know where this might be and of it's usefulness when wrapped
with JDOM?

thanks for any ideas, and thanks for JDOM,

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