[jdom-interest] DTD not found

Terje Kvambe Terje.Kvambe at multimedialab.tv
Mon Oct 29 01:43:40 PST 2001

Another valid url that should work is 
<!DOCTYPE buch SYSTEM "file:///c:/mdkosst/Eigene Dateien/test.dtd">
This is how I solved this...
Terje =)

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I had a similar problem. After the SYSTEM there should be an url. 
Like http://hostname/test.dtd


On Wed, 24 Oct 2001 14:09:13  
 Stefanie de Koster wrote:
>I want to have a DOMTree from a file. My problem is that the DTD is not
>I tried several doctype-statements but neither work:
><!DOCTYPE buch SYSTEM "test.dtd">
><!DOCTYPE buch SYSTEM "./test.dtd">
><!DOCTYPE buch SYSTEM "c:/mdkosst/Eigene Dateien/test.dtd">
>My program has to process all these opportunities because I don't know
>anything of the XML-file or the DTD.
>Need help!
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