[jdom-interest] Extracting a Processing Instruction

Jason Hunter jhunter at acm.org
Wed Oct 31 13:09:04 PST 2001

Call getContent() and for each item in the list check if it's instanceof
ProcessingInstruction.  It was deprecated because we perceived it
provided little value for the number of methods it added, and when we
proposed removing it no one objected.


Paulo Vieira wrote:
> I am converting our app to the latest JDOM release and
> I noticed that getProcessingInstructions() is now
> deprecated. The docs suggest that one should "... use
> getContent() and examine for PIs manually". How should
> I do that? If I use getContent() and iterate through
> the returned list, what will I be looking for? Maybe I
> am missing something...
> Just out of curiosity: why was
> getProcessingInstructions() deprecated?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Paulo Vieira
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