[jdom-interest] XSL Query for an Element

philip.nelson at omniresources.com philip.nelson at omniresources.com
Thu Sep 6 04:25:39 PDT 2001

That statement is XPath and the best way to do it with JDOM is with the code
from the Jaxen library at www.jaxen.org.  Jaxen is also in beta.

> Hi,
> Is it possible to get a Document Element using an XSL query.
> For example, in Microsoft example it is possible to use XML 
> query like this
> Set oElement = oParent.selectNode("//NodeName[@AttribName =
> ""AttribValue""]")
> This would return a single node under the parent under the 
> given conditions
> instead of returning a list of nodes that need to be iterated.
> Any suggestions would be really-really welcome.
> pb
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