[jdom-interest] On-Line and Off-Line DTD

Jason Hunter jhunter at collab.net
Fri Sep 7 14:45:41 PDT 2001

philip.nelson at omniresources.com wrote:
> > I had a look at a possible implementation for SAXOutputter.
> > Firing DTD events
> > seems quite easy: Just create a SAX parser instance, parse
> > the DTD string and
> > here are the events! You just have to stop the parsing once
> > the DTD parsing is
> > complete.
> > The problem is "create a SAX parser instance": The code to do
> > that is hidden
> > in SAXBuilder.
> What about using the wutka dtd parser instead?  It would mean another
> dependency, but a theoretically smaller runtime footprint.
> I guess I just have to ask....  how important is roundtripping the DTD in
> scenarios where you would use SAXOutputter, or DOMOutputter for that matter?

SAXOutputter I'm more worried about since that's what we're using to
support XSLT.  DOMBuilder/Outputter support is secondary.


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